Decide why you’re on the planet.

Figure out what kind of life and work and life-style would best allow you to fulfill that contract.

What kind of job and personal relationships would support that direction?

What key things would you need to put in place and make happen right now, and what could you do physically as soon as possible, to kick-start each of those?

From “Getting Things Done” – by David Allen

Coin flipping


When you have to make a decisions and really have looked at all the facts but still do not know what path to take…flip a coin. It is not that the coin will decide for you. But that moment when you wait for the result of the coin listen to  your heart your heart will tell you what it hopes the result will be. You will know what is the path that you will take. Listen to your heart and you will really chose the path of your dreams!

Life and death


Seeing in person the very thin line between life and death is frightening. It is very good that no one knows when will the cold death come at your door. And if you have opportunity to meet and talk with people that were in that thin line you will see how they value every day and every opportunity to share that day with the ones that they love.

Value every second of the life and be whoever you want because tomorrow may be late. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Tell them often.

Cherish the life and live happily.

I Wish I Were


I wish I were at peace. I wish I were at peace with myself. I wish I were better. Better person.

I always wish I were better.

No matter how much soul I put to my work…No matter how great the result is. It does not matter…because I know that I could do better. That doesn’t let me enjoy it.

From one point of view it is good. Because I always have to work to do something better than I did it before.

From the other point of view it is bad because I wish I could enjoy myself, my success and my work.

It has to be some kind of rule. When should we be satisfied with our work?  When is the time that we let go?

The only advice for myself and for everyone that is reading my post now, is that you should do your best at everything that you do, and let the the magic happen. And enjoy every bit of  it!


…by someone that you love…by someone that you respect…by someone you would do everything for… Yes, that’s life!

And I still ask myself “Why did that had to happen to me?”

Have you ever felt disappointed? What did you do about it? Do you think that disappointment comes from expectations? If we don’t expect something then we cannot be disappointed. Do you forgive and forget?

I don’t know… but I know that at some point in your life you will fill disappointed and it will not be easy.

Today I share with you what I have learned from my experiences.

Do not expect anything from anyone – This is the hardest one. You always expect something from someone you know. But the more you expect something the more disappointed you will feel. The only way to prevent yourself from feeling disappointed is not to expect from people.

Other point of view – Try to think from different perspective. You can do it by asking yourself some questions. Why are you feeling disappointed? Could the person that made you feel that way do anything to change that if he/she could? Did he/she do it intentionally?

Learn the lesson – I believe that everything happens for a reason. Whatever it is that you went through you have to analyze it and see if you can learn something from it.

Finally, move on! – You cannot let that feeling be with you for too long. You decide for yourself if you are going to stay mad, disappointed or whatever you like. You decide if you are going to give the person second chance. But the most important of all is that you have to move on whatever happened.


If you were going to die today, what would you regret most?

Is it something that you did or something that you didn’t? Something that you didn’t say?What would you do differently?

We live as if we will never die. We work hard to have better life. And yet we often forget that our family needs us to share the love.

Here you can find most common regrets of the dying that a nurse posted in her blog.

So do not forget to live fully lived life. Follow your feelings! Follow your heart! And don’t forget that someday the end will come and you are responsible that when that day comes you will be thankful for good things that happened to you and no regrets in your heart.

Focus on good things

We often try to fight bad things so badly that we forget to see that there are good things in our life. These days bad things get too much attention. Instead of complaining for something, you can just try to do something good. Instead of criticizing, you can be a good example. Don’t focus on bad things because giving attention to bad things can just get things worse. If something is wrong you can start thinking what can you do about it. Don’t waste your time complaining or criticizing.

Remember that every one of us can make a difference!