just do it

Thinking, writing

Writing,-to-me,-is-simply-thinking-through-my-fingersI love writing!

I love thinking. I think and think and think and start over. Until I’m totally overwhelmed.

Only after I start writing I put every thought in its place.

I try to write a little everyday and it helps me very much to organize my thoughts. It is more or less some kind of diary. And time after time I need to share my thoughts with the world. There is so much I would like to share. But most of the time I share my writings when I have something to say to my readers. When I need to share advice from my everyday experience. I find it very relaxing and it helps me understand myself and my world. I totally recommend it to everyone.

If you say to yourself one of these days I will start writing, you never will. Just sit down and write whatever you have in mind. You can edit later. Start by writing one or two sentences a day. And go on and add some more after few days. You will see that after some time it will come naturally and you will feel the need to do it more often. So just start doing it and you will see the results!

Happy writing 🙂


Just do it!


I’ve been lazy lately. I didn’t write a post for some time, so this weeks challenge was just what I needed to get on track. I was really, really busy at work and I hardly had time for myself. What bothers me the most is that I didn’t make time for my workouts and for my blog. I’m taking a challenge to post everyday for one week.

Most of the time the reason I do not write is because the lack of time. But then I think that everyone should find some time to do what they want. But getting things done is always easier sad than done.

So without excuses I will write a post daily for a week and we’ll see how it goes.

Go ahead just do it!