everyday life

Getting things done!

Many fine things can be done in a day if you donโ€™t always make that day tomorrow!

I try to manage things day by day to get things done. It’s part of everyday life. Often all we do is urgent tasks one after another and we do not get time to do the things that are more important for reaching our goals. How many times have you said “I will do this tomorrow”, “I will do that tomorrow” just to find yourself always doing that thing… tomorrow? And tomorrows never end.

What is one thing that you would do if you have enough time? Would that had impact on your improvement in life? Once you define the thing that you want to do, try doing it. Try it today, not tomorrow. Today is when the things are done. Saying “I will do it tomorrow” will never get things done. So do the first thing first, and let go of urgent things that are urgent but not important, to find the time to do the things that are important but not urgent. Most of the time doing those things will get us fulfilling our purpose.

Do it today, do it NOW!