One sad story

I have never met you.

I have never felt you skin.

I have never seen your face.

Yet, loosing you seems like part of me is lost.

I will never forget you.

I will never forget the dreams that I had with you.

The dreams that I will not dare to dream anymore.

I just hope that someday when I think of you I will be at ease and I will not feel this sorrow that I have…

I Remember


I remember good things that has happened to me. I remember my childhood, my fears, joy, sadness, love, loneliness, greatness…. and sometimes I cherish those memories, sometimes I feel sad for some of them.

Having to live along with your memories sometimes is hard, sometimes it gets very painful. Even if they are good memories…just to think that some of them will never happen again, it will make you sad. Just to think that some of the people who you shared your moments with, are not going to be there with you anymore it makes it very hard to remember them.

But that’s life… you have to go on regardless of your past. Look back at your memories with love. You have to embrace them. Whatever your memories are…they have made you who you are today. They have made you “You”.

I have learned the hard way that you have to make peace with every memory whether it is good or not very good one, in order to have your heart at peace.

Dare to dream a great future for you and go ahead and make that future a reality!


Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember