Coin flipping


When you have to make a decisions and really have looked at all the facts but still do not know what path to take…flip a coin. It is not that the coin will decide for you. But that moment when you wait for the result of the coin listen to  your heart your heart will tell you what it hopes the result will be. You will know what is the path that you will take. Listen to your heart and you will really chose the path of your dreams!




Oh yes, there was a toy that I dreamed of, and never received it.  Never even asked for it. You would ask me, if I wanted something why didn’t I just ask for it. To answer that, I would have to go back in time. It’s not a long, long time ago, but it seems to me like it was a different world. Actually it was a different world. Entirely different!

I was a child born in occupied country. Everyday challenge for me and my friends was to make it to school and come back home safely. We chose carefully the content of the songs we sang at school. Everyday news was that someone was killed, someone we knew. Everyday news was that someone was held and beaten by the police, just because of their nationality. Someone we knew, someone we love was killed just like that…in the middle of the street.

Like most of my friends parents, my parents also were left without a job just because of their nationality. They struggled everyday so we could live “normal” life. To have what to eat. To have what to wear. To have books so we can learn our language, to learn our traditions and culture.

We were like grown up children. We knew when it was OK to ask for something. When it was OK to say that we need something. How could I ask for a toy when they had enough to struggle for?

But all this didn’t stop our dreams. I dreamed every day and every night that the day will come when we will be free. When we will run the streets without fear of being killed or beaten or abused. We will go to stores and I will buy whichever toy that I wanted. The ones that I only have seen on TV. I dreamed every day and night that the day will come we will be just children, like every child in the world, and not grown up children.

And every day I thank God that the day of my dreams has come and we are free. I will always be thankful to my parents for being tough. For teaching us everything. For taking care of us. And for teaching us what is valuable in this life.

I never got the toy that I dreamed of. But I’m glad that those dark days have gone and at least my children will have all the toys they want and they will have opportunity to make their dreams come true.


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