I will end this year being thankful for everything that life offered me. I’m thankful for good moments. I’m thankful for other moments too, because those are the moments that make us strong and give us strength to go on and pursue our dreams.

May 2013 bring you a lot of love and joy!


Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It!




We are human beings, we have qualities. Some of them are good some of them not so good. How do you decide which one of them is your worst quality? The worst quality may be the one that causes some trouble or causes trouble for people you care.
I think my worst quality is believing in people. I was disappointed many times but the people I care by the people I love. Maybe it happens because of my expectations are too high. When I give 110% for someone I expect it back. And the worst of the worst I find it hard to forgive.

The best of the best is not to have expectations. To live life as it comes. To be happy for the good moments, and to pass those that are not that good.

It is easier said than done. Because every time something happens I blame me for letting myself believe that people are good, that people care for you as you care for them.

I will try first to forgive myself for caring, for hurting myself. disappointment is part of life. So deal with it and go on live your life as you want and not as you are expected to live.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It



Oh yes, there was a toy that I dreamed of, and never received it.  Never even asked for it. You would ask me, if I wanted something why didn’t I just ask for it. To answer that, I would have to go back in time. It’s not a long, long time ago, but it seems to me like it was a different world. Actually it was a different world. Entirely different!

I was a child born in occupied country. Everyday challenge for me and my friends was to make it to school and come back home safely. We chose carefully the content of the songs we sang at school. Everyday news was that someone was killed, someone we knew. Everyday news was that someone was held and beaten by the police, just because of their nationality. Someone we knew, someone we love was killed just like that…in the middle of the street.

Like most of my friends parents, my parents also were left without a job just because of their nationality. They struggled everyday so we could live “normal” life. To have what to eat. To have what to wear. To have books so we can learn our language, to learn our traditions and culture.

We were like grown up children. We knew when it was OK to ask for something. When it was OK to say that we need something. How could I ask for a toy when they had enough to struggle for?

But all this didn’t stop our dreams. I dreamed every day and every night that the day will come when we will be free. When we will run the streets without fear of being killed or beaten or abused. We will go to stores and I will buy whichever toy that I wanted. The ones that I only have seen on TV. I dreamed every day and night that the day will come we will be just children, like every child in the world, and not grown up children.

And every day I thank God that the day of my dreams has come and we are free. I will always be thankful to my parents for being tough. For teaching us everything. For taking care of us. And for teaching us what is valuable in this life.

I never got the toy that I dreamed of. But I’m glad that those dark days have gone and at least my children will have all the toys they want and they will have opportunity to make their dreams come true.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It

I Wish I Were


I wish I were at peace. I wish I were at peace with myself. I wish I were better. Better person.

I always wish I were better.

No matter how much soul I put to my work…No matter how great the result is. It does not matter…because I know that I could do better. That doesn’t let me enjoy it.

From one point of view it is good. Because I always have to work to do something better than I did it before.

From the other point of view it is bad because I wish I could enjoy myself, my success and my work.

It has to be some kind of rule. When should we be satisfied with our work?  When is the time that we let go?

The only advice for myself and for everyone that is reading my post now, is that you should do your best at everything that you do, and let the the magic happen. And enjoy every bit of  it!

Just do it!


I’ve been lazy lately. I didn’t write a post for some time, so this weeks challenge was just what I needed to get on track. I was really, really busy at work and I hardly had time for myself. What bothers me the most is that I didn’t make time for my workouts and for my blog. I’m taking a challenge to post everyday for one week.

Most of the time the reason I do not write is because the lack of time. But then I think that everyone should find some time to do what they want. But getting things done is always easier sad than done.

So without excuses I will write a post daily for a week and we’ll see how it goes.

Go ahead just do it!

Black and White

Piano black and white

Some days may be like black keys, but sure there will be white ones. And those are the days that make worthwhile the journey of life.

We must enjoy every day of our life. And hope that in the end the music that the piano of our life creates, is going to be a music that we will be proud of.

Don’t be afraid of the suffering that may or may not come. Because in the end you will regret that you didn’t live life true to yourself and not the life that others expected of you.



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Making things happen


A pious man found himself suddenly deprived of all of his wealth. Knowing that God would help him no
matter what, he began to pray: “Lord, please let me win the lottery,” he asked. He prayed for years and
years, but was still poor. One day he died, and -since he was a very pious man, he went straight to
heaven. When he arrived there, he refused to enter. He said that he had lived his entire life according to
his religious teachings, and that God had never allowed him to win the lottery. “Everything You promised
me was a lie,” the man said, disgusted. “I was always ready to help you win,” the Lord responded. “But,
no matter how much I wanted to do so, you never bought a lottery ticket.”



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Brokenhearted in fall

BrokenheartedfallNot that I have broken heart. Not that I don’t love fall. But I can’t help to feel blue lately. I just miss summer days and I keep thinking that soon it will be cold. The winter is approaching and it brings into my mind the last winter. It was the coldest winter that I have ever witnessed. That fear of cold and huge snow is what keeps me from enjoying the beautiful colors of the fall. The beautiful feeling of walking through the leaves.

Just forget the cold, forget the summer, and go out enjoy the beautiful view of this season!

Mind the gap


October 1st, 1997 Prishtina, Kosova. I was only 12 years old, but I remember those days. The University was closed for students. Lectures were held in private houses. Everyday students lives were at risk just because they wanted to study. Almost all schools were closed for pupils. They also studied in improvised schools in private hoses. My school was still open, but it was only small part of it and my parents were afraid everyday I went to school because we were at risk of attack. Our parents were out of jobs. Over 97% of population  suffered just because our nationality was Albanian.

The protest were just the beginning.  Being forced out of our houses, out of our country. Being killed all those people just like that, with no reason. And still after all these years I ask myself how could we survive.

Now everything is different. I’m happy that I can walk through the street and no one will stop and torture me just because of my nationality. There is still so much work to do for our country, but at least I can see the bright future.

I dedicate this post to all of those people who believed that this day will come, and who gave their lives for this country.