What if you had a second chance with the one that got away?

second chance


What if you had a second chance with the one that got away? Would you take it? I would say yes! I believe it is worth it just one more try. If the destiny is kind enough to save for you that chance, you should try to make things right.

What if you don’t succeed? The chances are that if it didn’t succeed the first time it wont succeed the second one. But just maybe, it will. So if you don’t succeed, at least you won’t regret the chance that you didn’t take. The weight of the regret for the chances that you didn’t take is enormous if you compare it to the regret of the  failure to make everything right the second time.

Everyone deserves it. I remember when I didn’t believe in second chances.  If the destiny takes something away from you, it wasn’t meant to be. But I have changed my mind. It’s not easy to do it, believe me. But I have found that it is worth it. And you should try it.

Everything has it’s limit. Be careful though because if the one that got away waste your second chance don’t you ever give it twice.

Pursue your happiness because you are worth it. Good luck with your second chance and be safe in your journey of life.


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