Safety First


I want to begin this post asking you a question: How often do you get out of your comfort zone? How often do you challenge yourself to do something that feels to you unsafe just because you don’t have the confidence that it takes to do it?

Begin small. You don’t have to do something completely different from what you are used to. Try small, and try adding everyday something more. Keep those actions as a small victories that allow you to grow little by little.

It’s easier said than done. It sounds simple but it is not easy. You may fail sometimes. You may win sometimes. But the essence of this is that you are active and ready for the challenges of your life.

Tomorrow is late. How many times you have decided to do something, and then said that you will begin to do it tomorrow? Don’t do that. If you decide to do it, you have to do it  now today because tomorrows never end.

Good luck, and may you be safe 🙂


Daily Prompt: Safety First



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