(508) – From The Archives Within

Beautiful poem, I had to reblog 🙂

The Better Man Project ™

Of course I still think of you




The scenes replay in my head as if you put them fresh on the reel

I remember your laugh

How safe I felt

Anything in my heart could be said

Of course I remember

I remember laying on the lawn listening to this song

And we both fell asleep even though we were both so awake

I see pictures once in a while

That remind me of that time

I see my smile

My heart was on fire

I wish it for everyone

That feeling

I remember

We recover in life

They say time heals all wounds

But like any wound

Scars are left

Of course I remember

But I store those memories away now

They aren’t as present for me as they used to be

I used to live them every day


But you helped me become the…

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