We are human beings, we have qualities. Some of them are good some of them not so good. How do you decide which one of them is your worst quality? The worst quality may be the one that causes some trouble or causes trouble for people you care.
I think my worst quality is believing in people. I was disappointed many times but the people I care by the people I love. Maybe it happens because of my expectations are too high. When I give 110% for someone I expect it back. And the worst of the worst I find it hard to forgive.

The best of the best is not to have expectations. To live life as it comes. To be happy for the good moments, and to pass those that are not that good.

It is easier said than done. Because every time something happens I blame me for letting myself believe that people are good, that people care for you as you care for them.

I will try first to forgive myself for caring, for hurting myself. disappointment is part of life. So deal with it and go on live your life as you want and not as you are expected to live.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It


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