Mind the gap


October 1st, 1997 Prishtina, Kosova. I was only 12 years old, but I remember those days. The University was closed for students. Lectures were held in private houses. Everyday students lives were at risk just because they wanted to study. Almost all schools were closed for pupils. They also studied in improvised schools in private hoses. My school was still open, but it was only small part of it and my parents were afraid everyday I went to school because we were at risk of attack. Our parents were out of jobs. Over 97% of population  suffered just because our nationality was Albanian.

The protest were just the beginning.  Being forced out of our houses, out of our country. Being killed all those people just like that, with no reason. And still after all these years I ask myself how could we survive.

Now everything is different. I’m happy that I can walk through the street and no one will stop and torture me just because of my nationality. There is still so much work to do for our country, but at least I can see the bright future.

I dedicate this post to all of those people who believed that this day will come, and who gave their lives for this country.


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