Stylish Imitation

This one is a real challenge! First thing first: I don’t drink, but I liked this Ernest Hemingway saying . And second: I cannot consider myself as a writer, I wish I could but the truth is that I think I don’t know how to add some style in my writings. I try to write about self improvement, I try tell my stories in order to help others learn from my experience. But when it comes to adding some style to my writing, my mind is numb, and words do not come to my mind.

I am a passionate reader. When I begin to read something I don’t rest until I reach the end. I love those kind of writing style that doesn’t leave you alone until you have read the hole story. But unfortunately I don’t have that talent to express myself that way.

But  I believe that in time my writing will improve. I believe that practice makes perfect. Even though I don’t dare to write a story of my taste, I will continue writing.



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