Words of Wisdom


I was thinking of what should I write for the Daily Post writing challenge. Should I write about my mother’s ring that she wanted me to have after my father died? Or about jewelry present from her for my birthday this year? There are few things that I have from my family that I’m proud of. But after I gave it some thought, a favorite thing that I inherited from my parents are Words of Wisdom. Let me explain it. Both my grandfathers used to tell stories when the family was together (and believe me they used to get together more often then). Some of the stories they witnessed some of them they heard from their ancestors. I didn’t get to know the father of my mother , and the father of my father died when i was 2. But I heard the stories from my parents. Some of the stories changed with the time, from some of them remains only a sentence and all I know from it is just a message that it passes. I use those proverbs in my everyday vocabulary and some of my friends say that I speak like I was an old woman. It doesn’t bother me, on the contrary I’m amazed how those proverbs survived who knows how many years, and yet they are so correct even today.

I consider them very precious because they taught me so much about what is important in life. I’m very thankful to my grandparents for that.



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