Face to face with fear!


Everyone have their fears. Some of which we are aware, some of which we are not.

Last week I was face to face with one of my fears. I was in a bus going home from work, and the bus just broke down in the middle of the road. The doors didn’t open and we were stuck inside. I think I have some mild claustrophobia, and I tried hard to hide my panic. I managed to stay calm and after 15 minutes we were able to get out.

I’ve written about overcoming fear, I know how to deal with it (in theory), but when  you are face to face with it, it just hits you. Four years ago when I was stuck in my office alone, the first thing that got into my mind was to jump from my balcony ( I didn’t jump though). I’m proud that I managed to wait patiently  to get out of that bus.

You have to fight against  your fears. Don’t ever let fear define who you are! Go outside now and have some fun while the weather is still good 🙂


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