…by someone that you love…by someone that you respect…by someone you would do everything for… Yes, that’s life!

And I still ask myself “Why did that had to happen to me?”

Have you ever felt disappointed? What did you do about it? Do you think that disappointment comes from expectations? If we don’t expect something then we cannot be disappointed. Do you forgive and forget?

I don’t know… but I know that at some point in your life you will fill disappointed and it will not be easy.

Today I share with you what I have learned from my experiences.

Do not expect anything from anyone – This is the hardest one. You always expect something from someone you know. But the more you expect something the more disappointed you will feel. The only way to prevent yourself from feeling disappointed is not to expect from people.

Other point of view – Try to think from different perspective. You can do it by asking yourself some questions. Why are you feeling disappointed? Could the person that made you feel that way do anything to change that if he/she could? Did he/she do it intentionally?

Learn the lesson – I believe that everything happens for a reason. Whatever it is that you went through you have to analyze it and see if you can learn something from it.

Finally, move on! – You cannot let that feeling be with you for too long. You decide for yourself if you are going to stay mad, disappointed or whatever you like. You decide if you are going to give the person second chance. But the most important of all is that you have to move on whatever happened.



  1. good post..:)
    experience teaches us lot of things.. but “every thing happens for a reason” is a philosophy that is easier said than applied in real life..
    i like to believe in ” what ever happens, happens for the best” but most of the time, when thoughts are not clear, its difficult to see the greater good.. 😦

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