The one that got away!

The moment that you knew that you lost something or someone?! It’s difficult to describe that feeling. I felt that something inside my heart just broke down. Nothing will ever be the same again!

I still feel that way when I think about that moment. How can I ever forget?

If I could I would do something, anything at all just to go back in time. But I know one thing for sure: when something goes away, it will never come back. That makes me sad.



  1. and sometimes while it is true that a door may close, it is also true that somewhere there is a window which is open – which is just a poetic way of saying that even though some things might be in the past and gone, there is always hope for something different, new and good for tomorrow.
    if it is something that you did that you regret, then be encouraged to forgive yourself and move on. if it is something that someone else did, then it was beyond your control – but do allow yourself to forgive the other person. when you forgive someone, even if it is yourself, you are empowered to move on.

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