What do you do, when you don’t know what to do?

Let’s say you have to make an important decision. You have two options and you have to choose between them. Very often happens that you don’t know which road do you want to take. How do you decide? You have two choices and each one has it’s benefits and it’s risks. How do resolve your dilemma?

It is very important that you stay calmed. Here are few tips that work for me:

1. Don’t hurry

One of the mistakes that you can make is to hurry and make a fast decision. At least sleep overnight and tomorrow you will have your mind cleared.

2. Talk to a friend

If you have a good friend you trust ask for advice, but remember that you are going to make the decision for yourself

3. Ask yourself: Will you regret tomorrow?

There are times that a decision seems right. But when you think in long terms it just doesn’t seem right. So think in long term decision.

4. Don’t let the pressure make you decide

When someone needs answer from you they can put pressure on you. Remember that decision made in a hurry is often not the best decision!

5. Ask yourself: Is this what you want in your life?

I don’t know why but often when we don’t know what to do, we choose wrong reasons to accept something. Remember to ask yourself is it what you want in your life!

If you have any tips please share them in comments!



  1. I agree with you. I will also add that you might need to ask questions or do some research to get more information about your choices.

    1. Thank you for liking my post 🙂
      It’s true that you have to get more information about the choices. But sometimes one choice have some benefits and the other has other. It makes the situation even more difficult!

  2. Sometimes over analyzing the situation and/or choice can lead to paralyzed state of mind. Granted that this might happen on the very hard choices and choices that have many variables but none the less it must be noted. I would like to share my dilemma algorithm and except for once it was dead on the rest of the time (a near 100% accuracy, not too shabby).
    Do we understand the dilemma ?
    In other words; do I understand the magnitude of the issue at hand? List questions you might have in regard to this matter. (VERY IMPORTANT*** the list should never have questions that begin with “WHY?” only with “What”
    List pros and cons of the matter at hand.
    Visualization is always helpful to grasp the situation and always helps in spotting opportunities.
    Be objective, be fair.
    Even though objectivity is a scarce virtue that is hard to find in people today, I hope we realize its importance. In the end I do believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.
    Stay Present
    This has a much more spiritual background (I would recommend reading “The Power of Now”) however in decision making it helps with keeping the mind clear and away from mental noise that would otherwise blur your decision making.
    Hope you find something useful on these lines.

    1. Thank you for your opinion!
      Sometimes you cannot help it, but over analyze.
      I find interesting that you say questions should not begin with “why? but only with “what?”.
      Thanks for the recommendation of the book. I hope that I will find time to read it, it sounds interesting.

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