Life is for Living

Sometimes we focus too much in reaching our goals. What would you do if you reach your biggest goal in your life? Have another one or enjoy the success?

We often forget that we are living in this very moment. Maybe it is time to live your life fully because you don’t know what will tomorrow bring you. It doesn’t mean that you should live with no goals and no purpose. But try to reach your goals and don’t forget to live.

Life is for living: RIGHT NOW!!!!



  1. I have so many goals and “next big thing”s that when I finish one, I simply take a few deep breaths, look around, relax, and then start on the next in line. Finished a web site yesterday, the owner’s manual today, and starting a book project today.
    I don’t know when the book will be finished, as I am developing a class to go along with it (or vice versa) and may start another blog related to it to get more input from people and maybe source material recommendations. But, when I finish the book, there’s getting it out to readers, editing/redacting, finding endorsements, and then sending it to publishers or Kindle or blogging it too.
    See, I don’t know where the road leads. And I’m walking down it anyhow. And I take the time to smell the flowers, and notice the beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds today.

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