Sometimes you feel lonely even if you are surrounded by people. It is that feeling inside you that you cannot receive love and you cannot give love. You feel that no one understands you.

Not long ago that feeling of loneliness was melting in my heart. I felt hopeless and helpless, I felt that I cannot fight it. I didn’t want to talk about it. I felt that there is no one near me to talk about it. It didn’t last much, but It was very difficult.

Now I know that I have to open my heart because there are a lot of people around me that love me and that are very happy to have me near them.

Just trust yourself and you will see that you have good people surrounding you. You always have someone you can trust. And if someone disappointed you, you will get over it, trust me!

Just enjoy what you have and always value your friends and family that were always there for you 🙂


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